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AssetRP is a Single platform enabling you to connect the technical, business, operational, and financial information from across your organisation. Designed to meet the needs of an individual organisation it enables users to make better and faster decisions.

We use a spatial database to connect, amalgamate and translate disparate data across silos, putting the right information into the hand of those that need it, when they need it.

In the context of managing assets this translates to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment and the right tools and parts. EVERYTIME.

Throughout execution this leads to agile re-forecasting of the planned activities through instant and constant updating of actual progress. This includes time, materials, events, hours, resources, financials, equipment utilisation, people, HSEC and more.

Even the best planning takes a turn for the worse during execution, when it does, we provide the right information from across the business to those that need it. AssetRP will provide multiple scenarios with minutes of an event in order to identify the optimal way forward.

At the end of the task or activity this will provide you with a clear and accurate understanding of what ACTUALLY happened. Giving you scope to assess and improve the planning of subsequent works.

We have developed two variants of the core AssetRP product; these being:

MunicipalityRP for the management and digital transformation of the assets of major councils.

CapitalRP, which we have developed for the relocation of Capital cities such as those undertaken in Egypt and being planned in Indonesia.

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Digitally coupling the virtual and physical worlds presents the opportunity to monitor assets, analyze data and apply intelligence at every point in the flow of operations. Coupling this with financial, procurement and all the ‘soft data’ sets of a mining business within one spatially-enabled database gives complete visibility of the business in time and space. 

Intelligently using data allows us to head off problems before they occur, avoid downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by simulating alternative realities and strategies in 5 or 6 scenarios before lunch-time!

A spatially intelligent digital twin of the mining enterprise adds the critical dimensions of absolute and relative locations of assets to each other, unlocking many opportunities for cross-domain collaboration to decrease risk and improve operational efficiency today and tomorrow so as to reliably achieve the strategic objectives of the business.


The majority of businesses have old paper based procedures that sit on shelves. The same amount don't have a single source of truth for project procedures, nor do they have company-wide visibility of this, or any digital automation to assist.

An online standard book of process procedures is a company wide single source of truth integrated with multiple systems to fill manual gaps in your processes. Save time, money and effort with online intelligence project procedures. Use our standard pack or customise yourself with administrator access creating a single source of truth for project procedures.

IPP is a vi-Technologies product and is powered by

  • 1001-Project Management Procedure
  • 1004-Risk Management Procedure
  • 1002-Authorisations and Approvals
  • 1005-Project Quality Procedure
  • 1003-HSEC Management Procedure
  • 1006-Project Accounting Procedure
  • 1007-Project Close-out Procedure
  • 2001: Engineering Management Procedure
  • 2002: Document Control Procedure
  • 3001: Procurement Procedure
  • 3002: Contracts Procedure
  • 4001: WBS and Code of Accounts
  • 4008: Invoice Management
  • 4002: Contingency Release Management
  • 4009: Project Cost Control
  • 4003: Capital Appropriation Requests
  • 4010: Progress Measurement and EV
  • 4004: Trend and Change Control
  • 4011: Progress Reporting
  • 4005: Contractor Reporting
  • 4012: Foreign Exchange Management
  • 4006: Escalation Management
  • 4020: Planning & Scheduling
  • 4007: Asset Capitalisation
  • 5001-Construction Management Procedure
  • 5002 Right of Entry Procedure
  • 5003 Fitness for Work
  • 5004 Fatigue Management Procedure
  • 6001-Commissioning and handover
  • 0001: Project Initiation and Set-up
  • 0002: Scope Definition Procedure

Please click on the individual elements above to reveal the project procedures in each group. Click "Project Procedures" to reset.

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    IPP is a comprehensive set of interactive project procedures that are customised to reflect your company’s organisation structure. These procedures are linked to native versions of the required forms, registers and plans.

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    With only a singular glossary and organisation structure changes are automatically updated.

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    The procedures are linked to each other through work-flow diagrams.

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    The Project Execution Plans are templates dynamically linked to the relevant procedures eliminating duplication of information.

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    As the plans and procedures are live, the most recent versions are always being used.

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    Our system has in-built RACI coding of all procedures and plans to assist with communication and authorisation matrices.